Service Resilience - Capability Assessment Tool

Service Resilience -Capability Assessment Tool

SR-CAT is our solution to the lack of consistent methodology to assure cyber-resilience of smart services.

An assurance framework for resilient smart services

Provides a methodology to assure optimisation of the operational risks by assessing cyber-resilience capabilities of smart services right from procurement stage

A benchmark to assess smart service resilience

Risk based assessment benchmark that can be consistently applied across smart services for identifying and recommending appropriate and proportionate resilience measures

10 steps to cyber resilience for business continuity

Defines 10 simple, easy to implement and achievable cyber-resilience compliance requirements for the supply-chain while procuring smart services

Automated self-assessment for third party and service providers

Provides an easy to use adoptable tool for supply-chain to self-assess their compliance to 10 steps to cyber resilience of their smart services within the procurement framework

What problems does SR-CAT solve in the smart service ecosystem of a digitally enabled city?


Manages the accountability of risks and liabilities of connected services throughout supply-chain

Enables translation of complex and changing guidelines into simple risk-based actions

Empowers procurement officers to purchase assured cyber-resilient and secure services by design

Improves business continuity planning across supply-chain that aligns towards citywide resilience goals


Verifies and ensures that the services are at an acceptable level of cyber-resilience

Provides an easy and consistent method to assess security and resilience across services

Allows them to keep up with changing requirements and standards

Offers decision support to balance cyber capability with operational risks

Governing Organizations

Offers consistent benchmark for connected service resilience across organizations

Enables credible assurance for procurement of connected services.

Provides easy method of operationalising and improving guidelines

Offers a roadmap for awareness and education of personnel