Smart City Resilience

Providing an Assurance Tool for Cyber-Resilience of Connected Services

Service Resilience - Capability Assessment Tool

An Assurance Framework for the Procurement of Resilient Smart Services

Providing a methodology to assure the operational risks by assessing cyber-resilience capabilities of smart city services.

Facilitates Creation of a Globally Recognised Industry Standard to Assess Smart Service Resilience

Risk based assessment standard that can be consistently applied across smart services for appropriate and proportionate resilience measures.

10 Steps to Cyber Resilience within the Procurement Framework

Defines 10 simple, adoptable and achievable cyber-resilience compliance requirements for the supply-chain while procuring smart services.

Automated Compliance Self-Assessment for Service Providers

Provides an easy to use adoptable tool for supply-chain to self-assess their compliance to 10 steps to cyber resilience of their smart services within the procurement framework.

What problems does SR-CAT solve in the Smart City ecosystem?

City Authority

Purchase cyber-resilient IoT based services

Complex and changing governance

Dependency on partners

Accountability of risk cannot be outsourced

Service Operators

Claim their services are cyber resilient

Inadequate methods to assess resilience

Changing requirements

Unable to anticipate risks and liabilities.

Market Need

Credible Assurance framework for procurement

Benchmark for Connected Service Resilience

Understand operational risks

Assure benefits and ROI

Our Solution

Assurance Framework to Procure Resilient Services

Automated Assessment for 10 Steps to Cyber Resilience

Decision-Support to Balance Cyber Resilience Capability and Operational Risks​

SR-CAT Competitive Advantage

A unique market leading solution that will enhance smart city resilience and security capabilities world-wide.

Provides risk-based steps for cyber resilience within the procurement framework for smart city infrastructure services.

Ability to map cyber-resilience gaps in services to operational risks.

Reduced supply-chain risks against cyber attacks.

A solution for smart city cyber-resilience by design.

Ability to rate services against a recognised benchmark.

Prioritise investment based on appropriate and proportionate resilience measures for improved market penetration.

Effective cyber resilience risk assessment method to manage business risks.

Improve capability maturity for smart street cyber security and resilience.

Reduced national security risks.

Improved accountability for smart city resilience.

First application of risk-based international standard for cyber resilience of connected smart services embedded in the assurance framework and assessment tool; the creation of this standard is facilitated by SR-CAT.

Trustworthy smart city services increases active participation by consumers of smart services.